Workplace Giving Toolkit

Congratulations on having a workplace giving campaign with Community Shares of Mid Ohio! Your co-workers now have the opportunity to donate to over 60 nonprofits making an impact in Columbus and central Ohio. We can help make this a success for your company, our member charities, and the community with your help as the coordinator for your workplace giving campaign.

This section of the Web site was created just for you. It is your go-to guide for running your workplace giving campaign. We have gathered materials to help you succeed as a campaign coorindator including tips for promoting your campaign, asking your co-workers to contribute, tasks to do during the campaign, and much more.

Always remember that if you have any additional questions or concerns that can't be answered here, please feel free to contact a Community Shares staff member at (614) 262-1176 or at We are here to help you every step of the way!

Use the links below to find specific information, or download a PDF version of the document to reference at any time.

Workplace Campaign Coordinator Job Description

As the coordinator of a Workplace Giving Campaign, get familiar with the role and responsibilities before the campaign.

Before the Campaign

As the coordinator of a Workplace Giving or Employee Giving campaign, it is important to review campaign materials and look for ways to encourage fun and involvement from employees.

During the Campaign

As campaign manager, you can ensure success by making information and yourself and your committee available to answer questions about Community Shares, its member charities, and the pledge process.

After the Campaign

You have finished a successful workplace giving or employee giving campaign featuring Community Shares of Mid Ohio. While most of the work is over, you still must say Thank You to employees for their generosity.

Making the Ask

During the workplace giving campaign, be sure to do your research. As campaign manager, you should be able to ask and answer questions, ask for commitment, and say thank you to donors.

Promotions & Incentives

Promotions and incentives help to make a workplace giving or employee giving campaign exciting. If everyone wants to be involved, everyone will benefit.

Take Your Campaign to the Next Level

These are ways to improve your workplace giving or employee giving campaign through Community Shares of Mid Ohio.

Workplace Giving Sample Documents

In a continued effort to provide you support to make planning your workplace giving campaign as easy and successful as possible, we have included templates for campaign announcements, meetings, and more.

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