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Community Shares of Mid Ohio is a coalition of locally based, non-profit organizations collaboratively participating in workplace giving campaigns. Since 1992, Community Shares has grown to more than 60 member charities that use funds from workplace giving campaigns to solve a wide range of issues in the community by providing long-term solutions geared toward prevention, fairness, and equality.

In addition, Community Shares establishes a strong financial base to ensure the continual existence and stability of our member charities. We enhance the capacity of our members to accomplish their missions through funding, leadership development, training, and education.



Community Shares of Mid Ohio builds mutually beneficial relationships and secures resources to empower member nonprofits in Central Ohio.



Nonprofits collaboratively creating a more just, caring and healthy community for all.


Accountability to All


Transparency, accountability and equity act as the foundation of Community Shares and our member nonprofits.

Stronger Together

Our inclusiveness extends beyond just our members and partners to include individuals, values and ideas that contribute to each of us and our organizations as a whole.

Donor First

Generosity and trust form the base of our relationship with donors which we honor through a commitment to their designated choices.

Working for the Future

We pursue a more just, caring and healthy community by the dedicated work of Community Shares, our member nonprofits and partners. 


Community Shares allows all people have an impact in their community. Workplace giving campaigns are a time and cost effective vehicle for increasing the resources available across the community because donors specify the amount and the member charity that will receive their donation. Donors choose which local cause or charity their funds impact.

Community Shares is unique because we work with many local charities that other nonprofits, like United Way, do not—like environmental and human rights groups, and other that are  essential to our community's wellbeing.

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