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It takes collaboration to create a more just, caring and healthy community for all. Community Shares of Mid Ohio actively seeks nonprofits based in Central Ohio to assist in creating vibrant neighborhoods for everyone. Our programs enhance the capacity of our members to accomplish their missions through funding, education, networking and marketing.



Access to education sessions throughout the year from Community Shares to assist your organization in its operations, fundraising and administration.
Referrals to additional education sessions available through partners in the community.

Opportunity to consult with Community Shares staff regarding advice, best practices and additional resources.


Advice, support, and best practices from more than 60 nonprofits working in Central Ohio.


Opportunities to discuss and pursue collaborations with fellow members.
Resources and opportunities you not may have been aware of in the community for your organization.
Information sharing among members including job openings, contact needs and resource sharing.


Inclusion in the yearly brochure and on Community Shares website.

Promotions of your organization’s events and success through the Community Shares website and social media accounts.

Ability to list upcoming events on the Community Shares event calendar.

Tools to promote your organization’s membership in Community Shares.


We have representation at more than 20 workplaces. We submit applications on behalf of your organization to be eligible for donations from employees at the State of Ohio, City of Columbus, Franklin County, and The Ohio State University.

Contact information, if provided, for every donor who pledges to your organization.
Opportunity to receive money in addition to designated gifts.
Unrestricted funding allowing your organization the flexibility to accomplish its work.

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