​Teresa Trost

Executive Director

Executive Director of one of the largest Community Shares organizations in the
nation. She uses 25 years of experience in all aspects of non-profit management to secure philanthropic giving to Community Shares and its member organizations. She is a strong advocate for both charitable organizations and area employees, helping employers become aware of the social, economic and environmental needs of our community.

Believing that ethical fund raising practices include comprehensive compliance filings (both legal and financial), Community Shares reassures donors that their members are operating in a responsible and transparent manner, providing the trust that donors contributions are used as the donor has requested.


Kayla Goldstein

Administrative Assistant

As Community Shares of Mid Ohio's administrative assistant, I have many roles.


I’m focused on assisting in the membership/ renewal of membership process in the fall for our member organizations. If you would like to know more information about how to become a member charity of Community Shares of Mid Ohio, please contact me.


Another role I have is to educate the public on workplace giving as well as Community Shares’ and its' members missions. Our purpose here is to educate workplaces on how to set up and run effective workplace giving campaigns, and I act as the liaison between our organization and various workplaces in order to make these campaigns successful.


If you would like to set up a workplace giving campaign through Community Shares of Mid Ohio or would like me to come to your workplace to educate your employees on what we and our member organizations do, please contact me.


Community Shares is very active in the community and I am always looking for ways to educate the public on our purpose and impact, as well as that of our member agencies.


James D. Bishop


Morgan Stanley

Brady Bowman

Treasurer and Finance & Audit Committee Chairperson


Katie Frederick

Members At Large

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities

Vicky Prahin

Members At Large

American Council of the Blind of Ohio

Trent Smith

Members At Large

Franklinton Board of Trade

Derek DeHart

Community At Large Members

Can't Stop Columbus

Josh Polk

Community At Large Members

American Electric Power

Andrea Devier

Vice Chairperson

LifeCare Alliance

Vicky Prahin


American Council of the Blind of Ohio

David Noble

Members At Large

VOICEcorps Reading Service

Joanne Spoth

Members At Large

The Breathing Association

Brady Bowman

Community At Large Members


Rachyl Kershaw

Community At Large Members

Greater Columbus Consulting

Melissa Wolf Starr

Community At Large Members

Jewish Family Services