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Congratulations on having a workplace giving campaign with Community Shares of Mid Ohio! Your co-workers now have the opportunity to donate to over 60 nonprofits making an impact in Columbus and central Ohio.


We can help make this a success for your company, our member charities, and the community with your help as the coordinator for your workplace giving campaign.

We have gathered materials to help you succeed as a campaign coorindator—including tips for promoting your campaign, asking your co-workers to contribute, tasks to do during the campaign, and much more!



Always remember that if you have any additional questions or concerns that can't be answered here, please feel free to contact a Community Shares staff member at (614) 262-1176 or at We're here to help every step of the way!

Workplace Giving Email & Newsletter Announcement



Workplace Giving Talking Points for Community Shares



Workplace Giving Campaign Checklist





Promote your workplace giving campaign through your organization by placing the following posters in highly visible places. These posters are designed for you to print off as needed so you will always have just enough. You will find the following posters helpful for the various parts of your campaign. Click a poster's title for a printable high-resolution version.

FAQs Poster

Helpful for those always asking questions about Community Shares and how the process works. Our FAQ poster contains questions you’ll receive from your co-workers and easy to understand answers to help save you time and energy.

Thank You Poster

No campaign is complete without a thank you! Hang this poster to thank your co-workers for participating and show how their donations are used by a few of our selected member charities.

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